AMA Pro Flat Track Finals

AMA Pro Flat Track Finals – Oct. 11, 2014

I’ve always been a fan of motorcycle racing and I particularly like the slip-n-slide type like flat track and speedway. My heros during my adolescent years included Bart Markel, Gary Nixon, Mert Lawill, Gene Romero, Dick Mann, and Mark Brelsford who were all AMA Grand National Champions while I was following the series.

But I lost interest around 1973 largely because there weren’t any series races here in Southern California. There wasn’t an Internet back then so following the series involved a subscription to Cycle Magazine and patience (which I had very little of). There were road races and local-level dirt track, but no Grand National dirt racing so it just slipped off of the list of things I paid attention to.

On a whim I recently Googled “ama flat track” to see if the series even existed anymore and imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was still going strong and the AMA Pro Grand National Flat Track Finals would be held right here in Southern California at the LA County Fairplex.

WOOT! I’m going and I thought I’d put the information in the PGR Pages in case anyone else is interested. There’s almost no information online and what there is isn’t easy to find, so I thought I’d help get the word out.

Be aware, though: Tickets are expensive when you compare them to things like an NHRA Mello Yello series or NASCAR Sprint Cup series race, but I’ve spent more on tickets for the Reno Air Races. The website lists tickets for $39 “in advance” and $45 on the day of the event, but hey… It’s the AMA Pro Grand National Flat Track Finals and I won’t have to travel more than 35 miles to see ’em.

What little event info I’ve found can be found here:

Series information can be found here:


By the way, the photo above is not one of mine. I shamelessly pilfered it from the website and it came from the Springfield Mile II photo collection by Dave Hoenig of (used with permission).

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