Model Aviation

I’m a model aviator. In fact, some would say I’m obsessed with model aviation and I don’t think I can contradict them and remain honest. I’m actually obsessed with all things aviation, but model aviation provides me with a way to actually participate rather than just spectate.

So what is Model Aviation? In my case it means building and flying model aircraft using radio control or “RC” as it’s known in the hobby. Not all disciplines of model aviation require radio control, though: There’s also Control Line and Free Flight, but I haven’t developed enough of an interest in them to get involved. That could happen, but it hasn’t yet.

Like model aviation in general, RC aviation also has many disciplines which all fall under two basic categories: Powered aircraft and gliders.  It’s important to understand that RC gliders do use power to operate the RC receiver and control surfaces, but unlike “powered” aircraft they have no propellors or other means to generate thrust and propel themselves through the air.

I fly both powered aircraft and gliders. My powered aircraft include indoor and outdoor planes and rotorcraft and my gliders are all slope planes. And what is a slope plane? It’s a glider that is designed to be flown in the lift that is generated when wind hits an immovable object like a mountain, hill, or coastal cliff. Slope flying is actually my favorite form of model aviation, but I still spend plenty of time flying powered planes.

If you haven’t already guessed, this section of my website is dedicated to model aviation and the main feature of the section is my Southern California Slope Information pages. On those pages I’ll provide information on the slopes I’ve flown including directions on how to get there and links to current weather conditions and weather forecasts for each slope.

I’ll also be providing information about the model aviation events I attend, reviews on the gear I prefer,  and whatever else strikes me as something I’d like to share. Truth be known, I don’t really know where I’ll go with it, but I plan to have some fun doing it and I hope you enjoy it and find the information useful!