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The Hobbico AccuCycle Elite

accucycle elite

I bought my first AccuCycle Elite in 2004 and I chose it over other models because it had two independently-programmable outputs. Dual output chargers are old-hat today, but it was novel technology back then and I really liked the idea that I could charge a LiPo pack for a plane and the NiMH pack in my transmitter at the same …

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My Southern California Event Short-List

Orange International Street Fair

I have to begin this blog somehow, so I thought I’d start with a short list of the events I enjoy enough to have as “recurring” events in my calendar. This list is by no means all-inclusive and it won’t contain many details, but it’s a starting point and should serve as a preview of the kinds of things I’ll …

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New and Improved Slope Info Pages

Slope Info Pages

The Southern California Slope Info Pages were the most visited section of the old PGR Pages so it stands to reason that they should be the first thing I move into the new PGR Pages, and so it is. Not only have I moved them, but I cleaned them up and refreshed all the external links in the process. And …

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AMA Expo 2014

AMA Expo

The AMA Expo is Southern California’s premier model aviation show and I’m proud to be involved as one of the Flight Demonstration Area’s coordinators¬†for the 9th year in a row. What that really means is I’ll be providing music, doing some announcing, and shmoozing, but I’m serious about the proud part. It’s a welcome opportunity to help an organization which …

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What Happened To The PGR Pages?

It was time for a change. The old PGRpages no longer worked right in modern browsers and half the external links were broken, and that had become a source of embarrassment for me. The website needed a rewrite, but I wasn’t up-to-speed on modern W3C compliant HTML so I did some research into other options and settled on WordPress. Yup, …

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Website History

I suppose I should start by explaining the significance of the letters PGR: Simply put, they’re my initials and they’re what I eventually focused on during the frustrating process of trying to come up with a meaningful domain name that wasn’t already taken. “PGR” was, so I had to come up with a modifier. I wish I could claim responsibility …

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