New and Improved Slope Info Pages

The Southern California Slope Info Pages were the most visited section of the old PGR Pages so it stands to reason that they should be the first thing I move into the new PGR Pages, and so it is. Not only have I moved them, but I cleaned them up and refreshed all the external links in the process.

And to quote the famous words of the late Billy Mays: “But wait, there’s more!”: The Slope Info Pages now include photos, although I didn’t have one for every slope.

Want more? Alrighty then: I’ve even begun the process of adding new slopes and you can now find pages for Norco Hill in Norco, Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta, and The Ruins (Knapps Castle) above Santa Barbara.

This “new slope” trend is something I plan to continue and I’m going to start with the South Orange County slopes that are getting so much mention in RCGroups. I have to fly a slope before I’ll put it in the Slope Info Pages, though, so the regulars at those slopes can expect to see me as soon as it’s convenient.