Southern California Slope Info Pages

Slope flying is my favorite form of model aviation. Standing on a mountain top or coastal bluff with a gorgeous view in front of me and a breeze blowing in my face is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Add some friends and slope gliders to the mix and it’s about as close to heaven as I’ll ever get.

This section of The PGR Pages is about the slopes I’ve flown and my steadfast rule is a slope doesn’t go into these pages until I’ve personally pitched a plane into the lift at least once. I’m a regular at some of these slopes and only an occasional visitor at others, but every slope listed here deserves your consideration when you’re looking for a place to fly.

There are slopes I’ve flown that I haven’t listed yet and slopes that I want to fly but haven’t had the right opportunity yet, but those are both things that I plan to remedy as soon as I can. I’ll add that if YOU have a Southern California slope that you’d like to see listed here, the best way to make it happen is invite me to come fly it with you.

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These aren’t “new” slopes but they’re new additions to my Slope Information Pages:

There’s more to come, so keep coming back!

Please note that the Internet addresses (URLs) for all the Slope Information Pages have changed and the old URLs for the HTML versions won’t work anymore, so if you have links to any of these pages saved in your Favorites folders or posted your websites (if you have any) you will need to edit them.