Cajon Pass

Cajon Summit, San Bernardino

Updated December 15, 2013

San Bernardino National Forest, 2.5 mi. WNW of Cajon Summit

34.3607°N, 117.4850°W • Google


MNCC1 Mormon Rock (MesoWest), 3.2 mi. SSW of slope.
LTLC1 Lytle Creek (MesoWest), Aprox. 8.75 mi. S of slope.
DVOCI Devore (MesoWest), Aprox. 11 mi SSW of slope near I-15 & I-215 junction.

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1000′ South facing slope with enormous lift in the right conditions. Ample parking and landing area. Home of the PSS Fest.

Starting point: Junction of I-15 and I-215 Freeways in San Bernardino.

  • Go North on the I-15 freeway for 13 mi. and EXIT at Oak Hill Rd. (exit 138).
  • Cross over the bridge to the west side of the freeway and turn RIGHT on Caliente Rd.
  • Go NE on Caliente Rd for .56 mil to Oak Hill Rd. and turn LEFT.
  • Go down Oak Hill .28 mi. to Robin Hill Rd and turn LEFT.
  • Go up the hill on Robin Hill for .28 mi. to Columbine Rd. and turn LEFT.
  • Go S on Columbine for .17 miles to Whitehaven St. and turn RIGHT.
  • Go W on Whitehaven for .87 mi. to Landover Rd. and turn RIGHT.
  • Go N on Landover for .5 miles to Farmington St. and turn RIGHT.
  • Go 1 block E to Rainbow Rd. (dirt) and turn LEFT.
  • Go N for .36 mi. to the 2nd set of power lines and turn LEFT on the road between the power lines.
  • Go SW between the power lines for 1.53 mi. to the Forest Route 3N24 Rd. (dirt) and bear RIGHT.
  • Go W on the 3N24 Rd. for .46 mi. past the concrete block building and turn RIGHT.
  • Continue W up the hill on the 3N24 Rd for aprox. 1 mi. to the flying site.

34.3623, -117.4334 – Junction: I-15 and the Oak Hill Rd bridge.
34.3701, -117.4316 – Junction: Oak Hill Rd. & Robin Hill Rd.
34.3685, -117.4508 – Junction: Whitehaven St. & Landover Rd.
34.3757, -117.4493 – Junction: Farmington St. & Rainbow Rd.
34.3807, -117.4503 – Junction: Rainbow Rd. & Power Line Rd.
34.3600, -117.4724 – Right turn on the 3N24 Rd. past the block building.

All coordinates on this page are WGS84/NAD83 map datum.