Kite Hill, Laguna Niguel

Kite Hill, Laguna Niguel

Added: December 27, 2013

LOCATION: Overlooking the intersection of Alicia Pkwy. & Aliso Creek Rd. in Laguna Niguel.

33.55399°N, 117.71705°W • Google Maps •

W works best on the west slope but WNW to WSW is flyable. NNW to NNE works on the north slope

SBLBT Laguna Beach Top (MesoWest) – 2.2 mi. W of slope across canyon from Lilly Shappel Park
EW0066 Laguna Hills (MesoWest) – 2.4 mi. NNE of slope

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GENERAL NOTES: 120′ hill with flyable west and north-facing slopes,  but the north-slope is covered with vegetation which can make finding downed planes very difficult. In addition to slope lift, Kite Hill can also provide good thermal lift when thermals blow in from the nearby canyon. There is some “entry-level” DS potential in N and W winds, but Kite Hill is really considered a front-side slope.

The flying area has a couple unique features that are rarely found on inland slopes: There’s a paved parking lot and bathrooms with flush toilets up there so it’s a good place to introduce your family to slope soaring.

Starting point: Junction of I-5 & Oso Pkwy

  • Go WEST on Oso Pkwy. 1.8 mi. to Moulton Pkwy. and TURN LEFT
  • Go SOUTH on Moulton Pkwy. 1.3 mi. to Aliso Gk. Rd. and TURN RIGHT
  • Go WEST on Aliso Creek Rd, 1.1 mi. to Alicia Pkwy. and TURN LEFT
  • Go SOUTH on Alicia Pkwy 0.2 mi to the first left hand turn lane and TURN LEFT into what looks like a steep driveway
  • Go up the hill to the parking lot on top

Note: there are other more direct routes to Kite Hill, but the entrance to the road up the hill is very easy to miss and the route above will minimize the chance that you’ll miss it:

33.58015,-117.67200 – Junction I-5 & Oso Pkwy.
33.57250,-117.70046 – Junction Oso Pkwy. & Moulton Pkwy
33.55688,-117.70018 – Junction of Moulton Pkwy. and Aliso Creek Rd.
33.55688,-117.70018 – Junction  of Aliso Creek Rd. and Alicia Pkwy
33.55212,-117.71762 – Entrance road to Kite Hill

All coordinates on this page are WGS84/NAD83 map datum.