White Point, San Pedro

Updated: December 15, 2013

1.5 mi. WNW from Point Fermin on Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90731

33.7147°N, 118.3169°W • Google Mapstopozone.com

SW and SE winds work best (both sides of point are flyable). Point Conception causes offshore winds from the NW to curve inland so NNW to WNW offshore winds frequently result in good flying conditions.

DW4695 San Pedro (MesoWest), 1.14 mi. NW of slope.
Marine Exchange (PortSource), 1 mi. E above Point Fermin.
DW7121 Rancho Palos Verdes (MesoWest), 4.6 mi. WNW of slope.

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125′ sheer cliff with steady, reliable wind. Slope recovery can be dangerous if not impossible so take ropes and climbing gear or a stout fishing pole with a big tuna lure if you do much crashing. Don’t land planes on the baseball field’s infield!


W. Paseo Del Mar is closed due to a landslide just west of White Point, so it’s not possible to drive directly from Point Fermin to White Point. There are several other routes you can take to get around the slide, but I’ve only listed the path of least resistance.

Starting point: Southbound Harbor Freeway (I-110):

  • Take the I-110 all the way to the south end where it dead-ends into Gaffey St and turn LEFT.
  • Go S on Gaffey St. for aprox. 1.7 mi. to 25th St. and turn RIGHT.
  • Go W on 25th St 1.2 mi. to S. Western Ave and turn LEFT.
  • Go S on S. Western Ave .5 mi. to  W. Paseo Del Mar and turn LEFT.
  • Go E on Paseo Del Mar to the parking lot on the right (.15 mi).
  • The flying area is out past right field in the baseball field.

33.74616, -118.29227 • End of I-110 at Gaffey St.
33.72142, -118.29275 • Junction of Gaffey St. & 25th St.
33.72292, -118.31294 • Junction of 25th St. & S. Western Ave.
33.71894, -118.32018 • Junction of S. Western Ave. & Paseo Del Mar.
33.71654, -118.31829 • Parking lot entrance.
33.71467, -118.31689 • Flying area.

All coordinates on this page are WGS84/NAD83 map datum.