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Katie Martin Tribute Fun Fly – June 7, 2014

Bob Martin Models produced a line of slope planes back in the 70s and 80s which included the Bobcat, Coyote, Gryphon. Katie & Katie II, Mystery Ship, Pussycat, SR7 and Talon. Bob also purchased the tooling and continued to manufacture the Hobie Hawk for several years after Hobie Alter stopped making them. All these planes are considered “old school” now, but the …

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Weaselfest 2014

I should start this by explaining what a Weasel is for those of you who are going HUH?: A Weasel is a remote control slope glider that was designed and manufactured by Dream-Flight RC which is located in Santa Barbara. These gliders are small, agile, and nearly indestructible due to their compact size and foam construction. This and many other …

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The Hobbico AccuCycle Elite

I bought my first AccuCycle Elite in 2004 and I chose it over other models because it had two independently-programmable outputs. Dual output chargers are old-hat today, but it was novel technology back then and I really liked the idea that I could charge a LiPo pack for a plane and the NiMH pack in my transmitter at the same …

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