Weaselfest 2014

I should start this by explaining what a Weasel is for those of you who are going HUH?: A Weasel is a remote control slope glider that was designed and manufactured by Dream-Flight RC which is located in Santa Barbara. These gliders are small, agile, and nearly indestructible due to their compact size and foam construction. This and many other likable characteristics made them extremely popular among slope enthusiasts worldwide and at some point a group of ’em decided it would be fun to have an informal gathering of Weasel pilots.

I wasn’t one of the original group and I missed the early WeaselFests, but thankfully they were popular enough that the group kept planning new ones each spring. I went to my first WeaselFest in 2008 and they’ve been one of my favorite “must-do” RC events ever since.

As I mentioned, WeaselFest is an informal event. There are no entry fees and you don’t need to sign up or sign in to participate. In fact, you don’t even need a Weasel, although we encourage you to bring ’em if you have ’em. Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta is considered the “home” slope, but we move to other local slopes when the wind is off at Ellwood.

WeaselFest starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday but there’s nothing “official” about that schedule. It starts when you get there and ends when you leave and how much you participate is entirely up to you. Most of us get together at a local pizzeria for food, libations, and to spin some yarns on Saturday evening and there’s usually a raffle before we leave. Out-of-town folks (like me) usually stay in one of Goleta’s motels and WeaselFest lore includes tales of several overnight Weasel builds in those motel rooms.

On Sunday a few of us get together for breakfast and then it’s off to Ellwood for another round of slope flying. Some of us have long drives home so the group starts to thin out in the afternoon, but the locals and diehards will fly until dark if the lift is good.

For more information, please check out the WeaselFest 2014 thread in RCGroups. For information about the most popular WeaselFest slopes, please see the Ellwood Bluffs and The Ruins pages in my Slope Information Pages.


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