Website History

I suppose I should start by explaining the significance of the letters PGR: Simply put, they’re my initials and they’re what I eventually focused on during the frustrating process of trying to come up with a meaningful domain name that wasn’t already taken. “PGR” was, so I had to come up with a modifier. I wish I could claim responsibility for the “pages” part, but I don’t remember participating in the thought-process which resulted in it. I just woke up with the idea and registered the name it as soon as I could boot up my computer and confirm that was available.

My original purpose for having a web presence was to have a way to share photos and commentary with my parents, siblings, and relatives. That was in 1996 and the predominant “social media” organization at the time was AOL, but I didn’t care for the members-only “Walled Garden” concept so I decided to explore my options on the untamed side of the wall. I began with the “free web page” offered by my ISP, but that quickly became inadequate and the next logical step was to register my own domain and find a host for it.

That was many moons ago and over time I’ve added friends, neighbors, colleagues, model-aviators, and curious casual visitors to my target audience. My purpose has also changed a little: My original goal was simple sharing, but now I also try to share in an informative way.

I’m not a vagabond at heart and my travels typically don’t take me far from home which has been Orange County, California since 2001. Consequently, the majority of the content in The PGR Pages is about things that happen in and around the Los Angeles Basin, but I lived in Plumas County, which is northeast of Sacramento in the the California High Sierras, when I launched this website and there’s some legacy content from that period of my life too.

Where I go with this website remains to be seen, but I will say this: The original HTML version of  The PGR Pages became static and neglected because I got tired of writing in HTML and the constant struggle to keep the code W3C compliant. That’s why I’ve moved the site into a WordPress format and my plan is to start adding new content on a regular basis now that I can forget about HTML code and focus on the content.

So stop by once in awhile to see what’s new.