What Happened To The PGR Pages?

It was time for a change. The old PGRpages no longer worked right in modern browsers and half the external links were broken, and that had become a source of embarrassment for me. The website needed a rewrite, but I wasn’t up-to-speed on modern W3C compliant HTML so I did some research into other options and settled on WordPress.

Yup, the PGRpages is now a WordPress website and I can pretty much forget about coding HTML and focus on content.

The key parts of the original PGRPages have been updated and converted to WordPress format, but WordPress uses a different file structure and the page addresses are no longer the same. I left redirect files in the original locations so the links scattered throughout the Internet should still work.

There’s some “old” PGRpages content that I don’t plan to include in the “new” PGRpages, though. Among other things I’ve decided to stop trying to host my own photo and video galleries, so they can no longer be found in this website. Instead, I’ll keep my photos and videos in my Flickr Photostream and YouTube Channel and link to those sources when it’s appropriate. I also don’t plan to move The Cottonwood Fire Photo Essay into the WordPress format, but I’m going to leave it where it is for the time being rather than delete it.

As far as the future of The PGRpages is concerned, my present goals are to add more slopes to the Slope Info Pages and post some informative blogs about the things I see and do here in Southern California, but I reserve the right to branch out into uncharted territory if the urge hits me.